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For the past few decades, astronomers have studied many of the planets in our solar system and have examined large star forming regions in our galaxy.  Also, many molecules have been discovered in space which have implications for life and in recent years many extra-solar planets have been detected now running into the thousands.  As a result of these many discoveries and the search for conditions that would promote life on other planets, many web sites have gone online because of the growing interest in this subject.  Below are some of the web sites of major observatories that are engaged in increasing our knowledge of the universe.

1. Australian Astronomical Observatory

2. European Southern Observatory

3. Gemini Observatory

4. Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics

5. W.M. Keck Observatory

6. Kitt Peak National Observatory

7. Latest Secrets of The Solar System - Full BBC Documentary

8. Lick Observatory

9. Light Speed - How Fast The Speed of Light (Universe Documentary)

10. Lowell Observatory

11. Lunar and Planetary Institute

12. McDonald Observatory

13. Palomar Observatory

14. Sol Station


16. Supernova: Monster of the Milky Way - Space Documentary

17 The Planets

18. The Milky Way - Facts About Milky Way Galaxy (Universe Documentary)

19. Vatican Observatory