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What is Astrobiology?

Astrobiology is a branch of astronomy that has to do with the search for conditions that will promote life on other planets such as the discovery of certain elements essential for life like carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, organic molecules, water, etc long with proper temperatures on planets that will permit life to exist.  Research into astrobiology isa currently going on at a number of universities and a number of web sites have appeared on the internet to discuss what is being learned so far in this field. 


Astrobiology Web Sites


2. Astrobiology Magazine

3. Astrobiology Web

4. Astrobiology - the Living Universe

5. Astrobiology at the University of Washington

6. Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology

7. Center for Astrobiology at the University of Colorado

8. NASA Astrobiology - Life in the Universe

9. NASA Astrobiology Institute

10. The Canadian Astrobiology Network

11. UCLA - IGPP Center for Astrobiology



Jupiter's Icy Moon Europa Rich in Oxygen, Study Finds - Christian Science Monitor, May 27. 2010