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Dark Matter in the Discovery Age   by Dan Hooper - Sky and Telescope, January 2013.  The articles talks about the mysterious dark matter and how scientists might figure out what it is exactly.

40 Greatest Astronomical Discoveries by Richard Talcott - Astronomy Magazine, August 2013.  The article covers the greatest astronomical discoveries from hundreds of years ago to the present time.

The Little Stars That Couldn't  by Jesse Emspak - Astronomy Magazine, May 2015.  The article covers the brown dwarf stars which do not have enough mass to fuse hydrogen into helium and how they are providing information on the birth of stars and solar systems.

The Nature of Empty Space  by Bob Berman - Astronomy Magazine, June 2015.  An interesting article about the nature of our universe.

Making Massive Stars  by Monica Young - Sky and Telescope, October 2015.  An excellant article describing how massive stars - stars that are more than 8 times the mass of our Sun form. 

Our Galactic Neighborhood  by Katherine Kornei - Astronomy Magazine, December 2015.  A great article about our Milky Way galaxy and the numerous other galaxies that are our neighbors in what is called the local group. 

Oxygen - The Color of Life  by Bob Berman - Astronomy Magazine, March 2016.  An important element, not only does oxygen permits us to live and breathe, but it does provide color in some nebulae in space. 

Pluto Has the Last Laugh - Sky and Telescope Magazine, July 2016.  While Pluto is no longer listed as a regular planet, it does show some traits that are very planetary-like, even more so then a few of the regular planets in our solar system.

Looking for Life on Mars  by Camille M. Carlisle - Sky and Telescope Magazine, October 2016.  An article describing the newest Mars mission called the ExoMars mission featuring The ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter and the lander Schiaparelli due to arrive at the red planet in mid-October.  This mission sent by the European and Russian space agencies hope to examine Mars for evidence of exobiology.

The Exoplanet Next Door  by John Wenz - Astronomy Magazine, November 2016.  The article talks about the discovery of an Earth-mass planet orbiting in the habitable zone of the star Proxima Centauri which is a next door neighbor to us at 4.24 light years away. 

7 Earth-Size Planets Orbit Dim Star  - Sky & Telescope Magazine, June 2017.  The article covers the story of a team of astronomers discovery of seven planets orbiting a dim red dwarf star located only 39 light-years from Earth some of which may be habitable. 

Get Ready for the Next Generation Planet Hunter  by John Wenz - Astronomy Magazine, July 2017.  The articles reports on the upcoming mission of the TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) which is designed to search for exoplanets around stars in our neighborhood. 

Jupiter Rediscovered  by Fran Bagenal - Sky & Telescope Magazine, December 2017.  The article provides new information  about the planet Jupiter including never before seen images of this giant planet taken by NASA's Juno spacecraft currently in orbit.

Water Worlds in the Milky Way  by Nola Taylor Redd - Astronomy Magazine, June 2018.  The article has to do with finding out where planets get their water from and they may find their answer by studying white dwarfs which pick up material from the breakup of planets, asteroids or cometlike objects.