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The planet Mars which is the fourth planet from the Sun has been perhaps the most written about planet in the solar system.  Numerous books, movies and articles have come out over the years about the red planet and many space missions have been launched toward Mars to study this facinating world.  Currently there are five missions in progress studying Mars.  There is the Mars Odyssey spacecraft which arrived at Mars in late 2001 and is in orbit around the planet taking images, the Mars Exploration Rovers ( Spirit and Opportunity) arriving at Mars in 2004, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter ariving at Mars in 2006, the Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity) landing on Mars in 2012 and most recently the Mars Atmospheric and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) going into orbit last September 2014.  The purpose of all these missions is to study the geology of Mars. its atmosphere, evidence of water and possible life, past or present. 

Along with the various space missions sent to Mars, the internet system has seen a number of websites go up relating to this planet.  Below are some of these websites that will provide you with much information which I hope you will enjoy.


1. Blue Sky and Life on Mars

2. Center for Mars Exploration

3. Mars Exploration Current Missions

4. Lake Steadman

5. Life on Mars

6. Liquid Water Once on Mars

7. Mars Case for Live Surface Vegetation

8. Mars Express Mission - U. S. Participation

9. Mars InSight Daily Weather Report from Mars

10. Mars Meteorites

11. Mars

12. Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

13. Mars Science Laboratory - Curiosity Rover

14. Mars Today

15. Nine Planets: Mars

16. NSSDC Photo Gallery of Mars



New Images From Mars


1. Images From The Mars Science Laboratory Rover - Curiosity

2. Mars  Rover Views Spectacular Layered Rock Formations - NASA/JPL News release - September 9, 2016

3. Mars Rover Spots Potential Rare Find on Planet's Surface - AOL News - January 18, 2017

4. NASA Shares Image of Unusual Martian Sand Dunes - AOL News - January 24, 2017



News Stories on Mars


Mars Patchwork Magnetic Field Acts as Array of Umbrellas to Protect Planet's Atmosphere - Univ. of Calif. - Berkeley News Release - Dec. 17, 2000

Potential Signs of Ancient Life in Mars Rover Photos - Astrobiology Magazine News - January 5, 2015

NASA Spacecraft Detects Aurora and Mysterious Dust Cloud Around Mars  - NASA Press Release - March 18, 2015

Mars Might Have Salty Liquid Water - Science - April 13, 2015

Auroras on Mars - NASA Science News - May 11, 2015

Scientists Find Methane in Mars Meteorites - Astrobiology Magazine - June 17, 2015

NASA Confirms Evidence That Liquid Water Flows on Today's Mars - NASA Press Release - September 28, 2015

Loss of Carbon in Martian Atmosphere Explained  - NASA/JPL News Release - November 24, 2015

Mars Rover Opportunity on Walkabout Near Rim - NASA/JPL News Release - June 23, 2017

 Liquid Water Discovered on Mars - Astrobiology Magazine -  July 25, 2018